Designed for your daily rituals, our candles enhance your moments of reflection and relaxation. Whether journaling, enjoying a peaceful cup of coffee, or simply taking a break, our candles create an ambiance of serenity and comfort.

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The AyurLight Difference

🌿 Ayurvedic Aromatherapy in the form of all natural soy wax candles and essential oil blends. Inhale relief, exhale balance🌿

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Elevate your space, soothe your senses, experience tranquility in every glow.
"AyurLight provides high quality candles made with good for you soy wax. The scents are fantastic and the presentation is wonderful with unique designs. They look great for home or office."

David. P

"As someone who is candle obsessed and spends quite a bit of $ on them I was so happy when 1 came across these amazing candles by AyurLight. I've never come across these scents before and they really do have a different effect when I burn them at home. I feel more at peace and transported to some sort of wellness spa! I would highly recommend these and the price point truly makes it a win!"

Lovleen S.

"These candles had me feeling so nostalgic of India, reminded me of my grandmothers home."


"My daughter and I are obsessed with these candles, we have got JIYA and SHANTI and they smell so beautiful, the scent spreads throughout the whole house, I love it!"

Jenny & Vicky

"Finally something in the market that's so pure and organic! We know these scents; but when smelling these blends made with natural essential oils in a candle itself - it's a different experience. This is one candle I feel safe about lighting at home, and I've quickly switched from all commercial candles which have who knows what ingredients. I must say these candles are a guilty scent pleasure, and I'm sold!"

Priya S

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